Our Missionaries and Ministries

Associated Missionaries

Brother Jim Wyatt


Brother Jim has been a world evangelist since 1994. He has traveled to several countries such as India, Africa, Nicaragua, Mexico, Trinidad, and Brazil, just to name a few. His heart is to reach the lost with the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the President of Mustard Seed Global Evangelistic Ministries, which is a small by-faith mission board.

Brother Kennedy Poku Duah

Ghana, West Africa

Brother Duah is from Ghana West Africa. He is pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. He is also lead pastor of fifteen other churches in the bush. He is instrumental in reaching the children being used as slave labor in the gold mines and in the cocoa fields. Being a retired school teacher his heart it to save the children and bring them to the local schools. He has started three schools in the bush. He is extremely loved by the village chiefs in his area and this allows him to preach the Gospel to the far-flung jungle areas in Ghana.

Brother Lawrence Lamina

Ghana, West Africa

Brother Lawrence and his wife, Sister Victoria, have been called by the Lord to rescue people with disabilities – people often abandoned on the side of the road. He and his team are one of the only ministries that reach out to the handicapped in Ghana. They take them in, care for them, and give them a home. Many churches turned their backs on him when the Lord called him to reach the handicapped because of tradition. But God has proven faithful and the ministry has grown. He is now housing over 190 people.

Your prayers and tax-deductible donations are needed to help support this God-called ministry. Contact us if you would like to have Brother Lawrence come and share with your church his calling and love for the disabled and abandoned in Ghana.

Brother Noni Catalan

Manila, Philippines

Brother Noni also started with the Mustard Seed in 2017. His has two churches in Manila. One church is actually in the basement and they are building the new church on top. They have several days when flooding is an issue and they do not have any air conditioning. As you know Philippines gets very hot. Even though he is faced with these problems he knows that Lord is using him and his family to reach the lost in Manila.

Brother Obed Missal

Orissa, India

Brother Obed and his wife Roshen are instrumental in their state of Orissa to bringing the Gospel to the very poor in rural villages. They have four children’s homes and two seminaries. Although faced with political opposition their motto is “Do or Die”. They and their team have been working for over 25 years to spread the Gospel to this area. They have over 25 churches spreading the good news!

Brother Paul Dudka


Brother Paul is a new missionary to our mission board. He joined us in 2017. We are very happy to partner with him in the Ukraine. He has been able to start radio and television evangelism is some very rural areas. The response has been tremendous. He is building a new church in a new village that has several new believers. Where he goes in his country is not easy. He travels far and many days the snow hinders him. But he knows he has been called of God and wants so much to share Jesus with others.

Brother Roberto Arellano

Monterrey, Mexico

Brother Roberto and his wife Rossy are extraordinary missionaries. They go into the very poor areas of Monterrey where the squatters have come to stay. They purchase land and start a church under a tarp. They have established three churches and are now starting to look for a new location. It is a very dangerous area to preach the Gospel. The drug cartels have already attacked several pastors in the area. Keep them in your prayers.

Brother Wayne Warren

Enfield, NC

Brother Wayne and his wife Jaqui have Anna Ruth’s Christian Retreat in Enfield NC. Their heart is to give rest and prayer to Preachers and Missionaries. They have turned their home into a retreat where Christians can go to pray, seek spiritual guidance and rest. Sister Jaqui’s cooking is such a gift during a much-needed rest. Brother Wayne is a prayer warrior. If you need prayer just give him a call, 252-341- 2588.

Sister Roni Wyatt


Sister Roni has been a medical missionary to several countries since 2003. She has clinics in Mexico and West Africa. She travels every year to Ghana West Africa to help rescue children from the rock quarries and do medical missions. She also does Women’s Conferences in several countries. Her heart is to teach women to be a powerful witness for the Lord. She is also the owner of Hope House Missionary Thrift Store in Dobson, NC, which supplies the funds for rescuing children from the rock quarry. She is married to Brother Jim Wyatt and the secretary of the Mustard Seed Global Evangelistic Ministries.

Associated Ministries

The Rock Quarry Ministry

This ministry is an unknown ministry. Brother Lawrence of Ghana West Africa came to Sister Roni Wyatt in 2014 regarding these children. There are over 300 children in slave labor in the first quarry they went to. Ghana has 2.2 million children in slave labor. So far in the last four years they have rescued 47 children and two adults. Some of these children are orphaned some have been sold by their families. They are needing funds to build a third children’s home. Please keep them in your prayers. Please follow this ministry’s Facebook Page.

Hope House Missionary Thrift Store

The Hope House Thrift Store is located in Dobson, NC, just below Mt. Airy. The thrift store is an integral part of the rock quarry ministry. 100% of the proceeds goes to Ghana to rescue the children from slave labor. The workers at the store are all volunteers. The store has been a great success with the customers and the donations are coming in every day!